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  1. The issue is unresponsive screen, and the instructions given here involve tapping on the screen, how do we suppose to do that?!

  2. Same deal here with IPad Pro 12.9 2017, sporadic response with digitizer regardless of within or outside of app, settings, or anywhere. tried all solutions here as well as elsewhere so I decided to try something. I shut down the system and grasped the unit’s left and right sides and gently twisted the screen back and forth several times. In addition, the same procedure was performed on the top and bottom of the unit. Restarted the system, and all seems to be fine and responding as designed. Let’s see how long that works.

    1. This worked for me. The problem seems to be related to connections inside the iPad which may have a slight connection problem

  3. I read in one of the forums to go to Settings>Accessibility>Touch and turn on AssistiveTouch. No other changes are necessary. While this isn’t a perfect fix it does improve the issue greatly. There is obviously something wrong somewhere. I’ve been using the iPad since version 1 and have never had such a problem. Apple really needs to look into this.

  4. Ipad pro 10,5” 2017 –
    With two flat neodymium magnets [8 mm x 1mm] on the back of the protective cover my touchscreen reacts reliably again. I fixed the magnets with tape near the lower edges in landscape view. [ and ^25mm ]

  5. Don’t you just love these repair solutions? they all seem to copy one another without ever realizing what they write is idiotic! For God’s sake if the touch screen doesn’t work how the hell is one suppose to go to settings? Then there is the one about installing the latest version of IOS. Again how the hell is one suppose to do that if the screen does not work?

      1. This is my problem exactly. I can’t go to settings, or anywhere! Anyone get a different solution?

  6. I’ve tried all of these with no success on my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9. Touch responsiveness comes and goes, sometimes right away, other times I get full responsiveness for a period of time before it goes. I’m near an Apple store but fear the sales push for a replacement as that’s the only resolution they’ve come up with so far. Any other ideas out there?

    1. I had a major issue with my 2018 iPad. Variable keyboard responses making typing impossible. After 3 phone calls and 2 visits to an apple store my iPad has been replaced. There is a test they can do for screen sensitivity and it highlighted the issue perfectly! Good luck.

  7. I was having terrible trouble with “unresponsiveness” when I noticed my iPad Pro appeared warped. The case I had purchased was very tight and difficult to install. I removed the case and noticed immediately that the iPad looked more flat. More importantly, since removing the case I HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE INSTANCE OF A NON RESPONSIVE SCREEN.

    I conclude that Apple’s success in reducing the thickness has made the iPad Pro very sensitive to the effects of a tight case.

    1. I had and did the same thing. When I removed the case the iPad Pro worked like new again. Very weird, but great to know it’s not an iPad issue, just the case.

  8. Seem like turning on “Touch accommodations” was the problem solver for me too. I’ve had this problems for months, without finding any solutions, other than basics like restarting, charging, checking memory, etc which didn’t do any improvement at all. (This text was actually written without any keyboard lagging / unresponsive… first time since forever!)

  9. I finally used a microfiber cloth and wiped away a layer of finger grease buildup. Simple solution try this first… 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. I never had ipad pro and i received on for work, way different from all other apple products i use and i do not like this, the ipad pro screen is blank and not sure how to fix it, i cannot connect o mac because of different connectors either

  11. Turning “Touch Accommodations” on worked for me.

    (Also the force restart instructions did not work for me. I only saw the normal “slide to power off” screen.)

      1. Thank you Thank you Thank you – this worked! To all you folks saying to go to settings or the app or anywhere else you do realize the issue is you CAN’T ACCESS THE SCREEN!

  12. I’ve not had any trouble with mine for a little over a week now. I’ve been using it the same way in the same place and everything is working properly. It does start to act up on occasion and I have a little bottle of anti-static spray That you spritz on the front of your shirt in your hand and the problem goes away. I believe the issue is static electricity. From what I’ve read of users with problems, most are using them in their lap. When you’re arms and the iPad are touching the same cloth is where I notice the problem, I believe our fingers are becoming static neutral. If you don’t want to get and use static spray, next time it happens hold the iPad up in the air with one hand take the other hand and lightly rub around the metal perimeter of the iPad with the other hand. And then start to use it again and see if that works.

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