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  1. Help! This fix did not work for me. When I get to the Outbox screen and see the spinning symbol, there is nothing to choose that says “edit”. So, I can’t delete the stuck e-mail.
    It will allow me to search for an e-mail or write a new one. No edit option.

  2. i had the same found a very easy way, remove the email addres you wanted to send to, then cancel message. IOs will ask do you want to remove the message or keep it as a concept. Just remove, done

  3. Thought this was going to do it. Loved the visuals, thank you.
    Unfortunately, when I launch the mail app in ios 9.3.5, all I get is the white page before the app closes itself.
    Tried airplane mode suggestion.
    Any further ideas are welcomed!
    Thank you.

  4. I had an email that just kept trying to send and I didn’t even know it. I followed the advice here and it worked great. Thanks.

  5. Sorry this did not work for me as I was prompted to turn off Airplane mode prior to accessing my e-mail outbox. I deleted the e-mails but once airplane mode was turned off in settings the mails appeared again. Any ideas?

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