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  1. I hope that apple will update its software and fix this issue that gives the user a choice to set what number to use to reply to messages. For example, they have an option for cellular data what number / plan to use and has the option if you want auto switch that uses two plans or just fixed to one number. Same goes to cellular call.. but in messages section it automatically change to the number to reply that receive the sms message.
    Example you have two plans from two different networks. One plan let say plan 1 has free sms to all networks then the other plan which is plan 2 does not. So you just want plan 2 to be able to receive incoming calls / messages but all replies will be sent using plan 1. So i hope apple can fix this issue and have a setting that let the user choose what plan number he wants to set to return sms and calls or if he wants auto change reply like with existing setup that is only available..

  2. This just started for me today!! I just got the XR on Tuesday. Now when I call certain people it goes straight to voicemail they can call me I can’t call them. COME ON APPLE!!!!!

  3. Any other suggestions? I have tried all the “fixes” and “hacks” and nothing works. Didn’t have this problem until i updated to iOS 12.4 like Jessica. Was going to try Jimmy’s suggestion, but i have no one on my favorite list.

  4. I am trying to fix the number changed to primary issue, but nothing has worked. I was told that the software update would fix the issue but it did not. What do I need to do to get this corrected.

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