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  1. Just like everyone else deleting the last backup and disabling the backup service, then re-enabling it and taking a new backup worked for me.

  2. i tried the above steps and still doesn’t work. My phone keep shows “backing up….”, & “estimating time remaining….”, please advise what to do.

  3. I never backed up my iphone so no need to delete any pervious backup.
    I signed out and back in to icloud and restarted my phone, plus i have the 200 GB storage (which is WAY enough).

    Still didnt work! Its frustrating and annoying!

  4. Signing out and signing back into icloud solved it for me too – I have been trying for WEEKS and though it was just a wifi issue as I am on sat net so tried various places but nothing. Was a bit scary signing out then in again as the messages make you feel like you are losing stuff but it was ok. Then too 10hrs to back up to icloud for me (60gb on a sat net connection) but it is DONE!

  5. Restarting and killing apps didn’t work. Deleting the previous iCloud backup fixed it for me (on an iPad Air 2 running iOS 11 public beta 2)

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