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  1. Go into System Preferences, then into Extensions, then Finder and uncheck “create PDF”. It will then open the PDFs.

  2. Death to Adobe for this ridiculous non-standard XFA format. I will NEVER buy a product from a company that extorts its users in this way.

    1. John, 100% agree. I’m stuck in this rabbit hole right now. I even spent time, which I never do, writing to a company that makes use of pdf forms to lobby them to stop using it. I feel that Abode is very manipulative in how they operate. For example, when you Install Acrobat DC, you have to opt-out (!) of also installing bloatware. Try to do anything with the form and they send you to a subscribe now page ($22/mo for what?!?). Try to print to pdf, which is all I wanted to do, and mysteriously the print driver doesn’t work (?!?)…hmmm wonder why…(it works for every other program i have)… These guys are dodgy and I’m now going out of my way to not use them for ANYTHING, and am encouraging anyone I meet to avoid them as all costs. Think Adobe is on the wrong side of the disruption curve and they know it, and that’s why they are milking all the suckers they can before it’s too late.

  3. Thank you,

    This is super frustrating and we are having ongoing issues when we have the PDF document filled out and we save it we then try to upload it to the desired location, if we quickly preview the file it has the same “Please wait..” message.

    Main issue is trying to get the document to the right place without having the recipient/receiver/reader get a non-viewable document.

  4. If it doesn‘t work…make sure you have set your default application for PDFs to be Adobe Reader (go to your settings or google it)

  5. Doesn’t work for me either on my Mac. Extremely frustrating, and I’m wasting a whole morning trying to open docs. Please help….

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