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  1. It’s not telling me what a blue round icon with a red dot on the right top corner and a 1 means

  2. I have auto updates on. There is a blue dot next to Roblox app. When I click on it the page loads and kicks me out. I was going to delete and reinstall but it says it will lose data and my son has a lot on there. Any suggestions welcomed! Thanks! CJ

  3. This is all well and good but my device is android not ios why have I been directed to here also iam not a developer could I have been hacked can anyone help I believe the person involved is using developer privileges and is called Mr Stuart graves can anyone help

    1. Those dots on app icons also mean they have notifications or have recently updated. This is a new feature with android 9 (Samsung galaxy series got it alongside android 9 with OneUI)

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