How to Pay an Apple Card Balance with a Check

Most people who have an Apple Card will use their iPhone’s Wallet app to make payments on their card. Some may occasionally need to pay via a different method and wonder if you can actually make a payment with a physical check in the mail. The answer is yes. Although Apple doesn’t list this information … Read more

What do Changing Colors on Apple Card Mean?

When you open the Wallet app on your iPhone, you may notice that the colors on your Apple Card keep changing. You may wonder why your card changes colors. You will probably see a mix of different colors. Sometimes, you may see a lot of white and sometimes red or orange. Sometimes you may notice … Read more

How to Pay Apple Card Balance on iPad

Paying your Apple Card’s balance may work a little differently than with your other credit cards. Most who have an Apple Card also have an iPhone, and it is through the iPhone Wallet app that most people make payments on the card. However, there are other ways to pay the card; this is important because … Read more

Apple Card “Unexpected Error”, How to Fix

You may sometimes see an Apple Card error message saying “Unexpected Error”. You may run into this issue when: you want to add or re-add your Apple Card to your Apple device. you want to download or export your statements or transactions in any format. You may experience this issue on your iPhone. This article … Read more

Apple Card Foreign Transaction Fees

A lot of banks and credit card issuers may impose a foreign transaction fee when you make a purchase in a foreign currency other than U.S. dollars (USD). These transactions can take place overseas in a different country while traveling or with a foreign merchant. This includes all purchases that may be made at foreign … Read more

How to Dispute an Apple Card Charge

This article primarily focuses on how you can dispute suspicious or fraudulent charges on your Apple Credit Card. Likewise, we previously wrote an article on how you can use your Apple Card to avoid scams. A lot of retailers accept Apple Card. You may see Apple Card transactions that are posted in error or fraudulent. Sometimes … Read more