How to Silence Calls on Apple Watch

Apple Watches are great for helping you communicate with others via text messages or voice calls. It is always available to you (while you are wearing it, of course), and so you may use your watch often to answer calls or respond to messages. However, there are times when you may not want your watch … Read more

How to Zoom Out on your Apple Watch

Sometimes you may feel that your Apple Watch screen is stuck on zoomed-in mode, and you may want to zoom out so that you can use your watch normally again. Your Apple Watch lets you enlarge text and icons with its accessibility features. You can turn these features on in Settings. You can then use … Read more

How to Fix a Flashing Apple Logo on an Apple Watch

Some people have said that they are unable to turn on their Apple Watch because they see a flashing Apple logo that will not let the Apple Watch boot up like normal. If you are having this problem, your Apple Watch will exhibit the following problems: The Apple logo keeps blinking repeatedly, in certain intervals. … Read more

Can I Shower with my Apple Watch?

Ok, so you probably know that your Apple Watch is supposed to be waterproof, but is it OK to shower with your watch on? Maybe you’re wondering if showering with your watch on is actually a good way to clean it, assuming you’re wearing a sporty band. In this article we will talk about whether … Read more