How to Fix a Flashing Apple Logo on an Apple Watch

Some people have said that they are unable to turn on their Apple Watch because they see a flashing Apple logo that will not let the Apple Watch boot up like normal. If you are having this problem, your Apple Watch will exhibit the following problems: The Apple logo keeps blinking repeatedly, in certain intervals. … Read more

Can I Shower with my Apple Watch?

Ok, so you probably know that your Apple Watch is supposed to be waterproof, but is it OK to shower with your watch on? Maybe you’re wondering if showering with your watch on is actually a good way to clean it, assuming you’re wearing a sporty band. In this article we will talk about whether … Read more

How to Close Apps on your Apple Watch

You may be wondering if there is a way to close the apps on your Apple Watch. You may also be wondering if closing apps can help preserve your watch’s battery. In many cases, this isn’t really going to help with battery life, however, there are other reasons to explore “the Dock” on your Apple … Read more

Sound Keeps Pausing When Exercising, Fix

You are exercising and you’re listening to music or a podcast using your AirPods, Apple Watch and iPhone, but then suddenly, for no reason, the sound keeps pausing. I had this problem too. I was very annoyed to be interrupted by this, spoiling the overall workout experience. This may happen every kilometer or mile when … Read more

How to Unpair and Erase Apple Watch

There are times when you may want to unpair and erase your Apple Watch, such as when you are going to sell it, give your watch to another family member, or when you are having trouble with your watch. When you unpair your Apple Watch, it is restored to factory settings. In this article, we … Read more

How to Use Schooltime for Apple Watch (It isn’t Just for Kids)

The Schooltime feature on Apple Watch is designed to limit your child’s watch usage based on a schedule you enter when you set up Schooltime. Schooltime helps with focus by turning off Apple Watch features that can be distracting. With Schooltime on, apps and notifications are blocked. Enabling Schooltime also automatically enables Do Not Disturb. … Read more