How to Turn Off Notifications on Apple Watch, Not on iPhone

Receiving notifications on your Apple Watch can be very convenient…when you want to see those notifications. If you are receiving unwanted notifications on your Apple Watch, you may find that it is much more intrusive than just getting them on your iPhone. Fortunately, the settings for Apple Watch notifications are separate from your iPhone’s. In … Read more

How to Use the Compass on Apple Watch

Apple Watch comes with the Compass app that can really be a nice feature, allowing you to navigate without carrying an extra piece of equipment. Apple Watch owners may want to know how to use the compass and also if there are any drawbacks to the Compass app. Before you rely on the compass, you … Read more

Apple Watch Microphone Not Working? How to Fix

There are several steps you can take if your Apple Watch microphone is not working. If you are having one of the issues below, you may be having a microphone problem: Siri doesn’t hear or understand you. Dictate text doesn’t work when you are composing a text message. Walkie-Talkie doesn’t work. Recording a voice memo … Read more