Contacts App Not Working on Mac, Fix

Some Mac users have said the Contacts app is not working properly on their computer. We receive different type of problems, for example, users have complained that the Contacts app: Keeps crashing. Some said it crashes when they open it and others said that it crashes after being used for a short period of time. … Read more

iPhone is not Showing Contact Names But Numbers? How to Fix

Contact Names

Several iPhone users have said that their iPhone is not showing the contact names but instead displaying the contact numbers. You can add contacts to your iPhone. You can store phone numbers, email addresses, and even mailing addresses for the people you know. When this problem occurs, your won’t see your friends name when they … Read more

How to Merge Contacts on your iPhone and iPad

Duplicates may happen, especially when you import contacts. If you have more than one record for the same person in Contacts on your device, you can merge them. By merging cards, you can combine contacts and keep all the information in a single contact record. This article explains how you can merge duplicate contacts. This … Read more

Siri Won’t Recognize Contacts, Fix

Several users have reported issues with Siri. More specifically, users have said Siri will no longer recognize the contacts and thus they are unable to use Siri to make calls or send messages to the contacts. Some users have stated that they experience this issue with iCloud Contacts. And lastly, users may experience this issue using … Read more