How to Know if Your iPad Has Been Backed Up

You may be wondering if your iPad has been backed up recently. For your iPad, you can either make backups using iCloud or your computer. Also, some of your apps might be using other cloud services to store your data. For example, email, such as Gmail or Exchange, will already be backed up to their … Read more

Messages in iCloud Not Available, iCloud and iMessage Do Not Match, How to Fix

Sometimes you may see this error message on one of your Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone or Mac. Below is the screenshot you may see. The error message says, “Messages in iCloud is not available because iCloud and iMessage accounts are different.” This error message indicates that syncing is not working as expected. This may … Read more

Cannot Sign in to iCloud on Windows, Fix

Some users have reported issues with signing in to their iCloud account using the iCloud for Windows app on their PC. How you can solve this problem depends on what is preventing you from signing in; For example, it is possible that you may be having network problems, or there may be a password-related problem. … Read more

How to Set Up Family Sharing

Family Sharing is a way for you and up to five other family members with to share your App Store purchases. You can also share Apple subscriptions – like Music, tv+, Arcade, News+, iCloud, and Fitness+. You can set up Apple Cash, Screen Time and other permissions for a child family member. In this article … Read more