Siri/Shazam is Unable to Identify Songs, Fix

Several users have said that Siri is unable to identify songs. Siri uses Shazam, a music recognition program, to identify songs. When you hear a song you want to be identified, you can use Siri to know the name of the song you heard. And Siri can identify what is playing by listening to it. … Read more

How to Stop Siri from Reading Text Messages

Announce Messages with Siri

Siri is Apple’s virtual assistant. Siri can do a lot of jobs. You can have Siri announce and read out the incoming messages (SMS messages and iMessages) when your AirPods or compatible Beats headphones are connected to your iPhone or iPad. In other words, Siri‌ will transcribe your incoming messages to you if you are … Read more

Siri Sharing Suggestions Not Working, Fix

Several iPhone and iPad users have stated that Siri sharing suggestions in the Share Sheet screen are not working. More specifically, users have reported that Siri suggestion shortcuts are not showing. Instead, it appears that users are seeing a blank area, or they are not seeing the area at all, as you can see below: … Read more

How to Clear your Siri History

Do you want to delete your Siri request history? This article explains how you can remove all of your history consisting of records of your conversations that Siri keeps. Apple has recently introduced this new feature that enables users to delete all of the recordings from Apple servers that Siri collects. You can use Siri on all your … Read more

Siri Won’t Recognize Contacts, Fix

Several users have reported issues with Siri. More specifically, users have said Siri will no longer recognize the contacts and thus they are unable to use Siri to make calls or send messages to the contacts. Some users have stated that they experience this issue with iCloud Contacts. And lastly, users may experience this issue using … Read more

How To Use Siri

This article explains how to use Siri on your iOS device and Mac. If you want to get things done, then you may want to use Siri. Siri can answer questions, find information and perform simple tasks like making dinner reservations for you or scheduling meetings. Siri can do a lot more than simply search for … Read more

How To Disable and Enable Siri on Your Mac

A lot of users use Siri, the intelligent personal assistant. If you use Siri a lot on your iPhone or iPad, then you’ll see that Siri on Mac includes the same features. But some people may want to turn off Siri. Some people may find it unhelpful. Do not worry, even if you turn off Siri, you can … Read more

Siri Not Working? How To Troubleshoot Problems

Some iOS users are facing problems that Siri is not functioning as expected. This article is designed to help you identify and fix various problems with Siri. Siri, Speech Interpretation & Recognition Interface, is an intelligent – voice-activated personal assistant. Apple released Siri as part of iOS 5. Siri is designed to streamline tasks (sending text messages, making … Read more