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  1. The add city option with the + button does not work.
    I start with the menu while a city is open
    As soon as I hit the city list it goes back to the main screen
    The + button immediately changes from white to grey
    The grey button does not wor
    Re-loading the app does not do anything
    Suitable answers have not been provided anywhere I have been able to locate on the net
    This question gets asked often
    This question has yet to be asked quite as clearly as I am asking now
    Please dont tell me to re-install it.
    I have the problem on both of my phones.

    1. I had a similar problem. Tapping the + sign did nothing. But I found that if I double-tap the + sign, then I can add cities. I still haven’t figured out how to delete cities though.

  2. I do not have option to add cities. No list option anywhere. No pinching. I deleted app and added the app back. No change.

  3. Tapping and holding the city opens the city on Iphone 10. Is there some other new way to rearrange the cities on Iphone 10?

    1. When looking at your list of cities, if you tap and hold one of the cities it “loosens up” from the rest of the list and while still holding it you can slide it up or down to change the order of your cities, like sliding it up to the top. At least that’s how it works on my old iPhone 5s. I would think it should be the same on your iPhone 10. Tapping it (from the list) should open that city to full screen. But tap without letting go, holding the tap, should allow rearranging it in your cities list.

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