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  1. Out of the box, my 2nd Gen Airpods had this problem. It would connect to my iphone Xr and then disconnect 10 seconds later. This same behavior also happened with connecting with other devices as well (iphone 8, PC Windows laptop). I spent hours trying all posted “solutions” (ie. resetting devices, repairing, turning off useful airpod features) and nothing solved this issue. I have other cheaper bluetooth earbuds that work flawlessly with same devices and same environment. I expected the expensive Apple airpods to work better so I am very disappointed. Apple Support line was no help, and actually gave me incorrect info about returning the product. Apparently they are unaware of their own return policy.
    On the phone, they said
    1. The product could not be returned to a physical Apple store, it had to be mailed in.
    2. The only 2 options were to return or repair. Exchange was not an option for a brand new defective product.
    3. That I could only return 14 days from “date of purchase” (not date I received product)
    Pretty much all 3 were mis-information. Apple’s own website says you can return product to a physical store, 14 days from when product was received, and there is an option to exchange a defective product (as opposed to repairing a product that was defective out of the box). So overall a bad experience purchasing these expensive Apple Airpods. I was expecting Apple to just quickly ship me a new pair for the inconvenience but I guess quality, support and customer satisfaction are not important to Apple. I am hesitant to buy another pair since since my options will be limited after the 14 days and it’s clrear that this is a big problem having read all the posts on this subject. Will be shopping around for alternatives.

  2. My AirPods will connect to my phone, but after 20 minute the left one will disconnect or both will disconnect. Sometimes it will go an hour without disconnecting, and other times it will disconnect and the right one will connect after a few seconds. When I put them into the case and take the back out, they work again. It all started when I upgraded to iPhone 12 Pro Max (may be just coincidence). The same issue is happening with my MacBook and AppleTV, except it will play longer before disconnecting on my AppleTV. The AirPods are a couple of years old. Battery is fully charged (left battery drains at a faster rate than the right). All devices are on the latest OS. I tried deleting and pairing again. Doesn’t help.

  3. My problem is i switched using my airpods from my iPhone 7+ to my iPhone 8+
    And for some reason my airpods only connects to my new 8+ for a few seconds then disconnects as soon as i put my headphones on but my iPhone 7+ wasn’t doing that.. also when i do connect it never seems to tell my the battery of my airpods or case like my 7+ does

  4. My airpods will not connect it says connected but then disconnects. I have already returned one pair. Now the same problem. Help!

  5. My Airpods automatically disconnects from my Mac whenever my Iphone receives a message or notification. This occurrence started when I upgraded to Big Sur. Please help. Thanks

    1. That would be due to the automatic switching feature they introduced in Big Sur, I find that it works rather well for me but if that’s not your experience then you can disable it in the bluetooth setting on either your phone or your Mac.
      To disable it go Settings > Bluetooth > Options tab next to your AirPods > “Connect to this Mac/Iphone” and then pick “when last connected to this Mac/Iphone” instead of “Automatically”

  6. This may help, connect your AirPods. Open the Bluetooth function. Press on the I from your AirPods and disable automatic ear detection. To be sure also set microphone detection so 1 side of the pod instead of automatically. Hope this helps!

  7. My problem is that when I “connect” my AirPods to my phone, they’ll say they’re connected but then I try to play music or any kind of audio and my phone becomes really laggy and slow, the audio does not play, and then they disconnect. Anyone else have the same problem?

    1. Yes! I have that exact same problem. The only troubleshooting that has worked is turning off my Apple Watch Bluetooth. As soon as my watch disconnected from my iPhone, the AirPod Pros started playing. I’d like a better solution than that though!

  8. Whenever I connect the airpods with my mac it disconnect after a few seconds. This issue does not happen on my other devices such as my phone.

  9. My AirPods 1 don’t work on calls, they keep disconnecting only on calls and it works fine otherwise while listening to music etc.

    I’m facing this issue since 2 months and watched all videos and tried all suggestions. Please let me know if it can be fixed or not.

  10. I face the problem of AirPods getting disconnected again and again in zoom cloud meetings. Else its working fine on MacBook Air 13″ 2017 mode.

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