Camera not Working after iOS 14 Update

Some users are reporting that their cameras have stopped working after updating to iOS 14. This problem seems to especially afflict iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s users. The problem is described as the camera not loading, or the camera only rarely functioning. Also, users report their flashlight is not working. See also: How to Download … Read more

A Guide to the 5 Best iOS 14 Features

Apple’s new iOS 14 is one of the biggest iOS updates ever and it comes with many new features for your iOS device. It was first released for beta testing back in June. The new update introduces changes to your Home Screen design, and some cool new features. In this article, we will tell you … Read more

How to Set Up Smart Mailboxes on your Mac

Smart MailBox

When you receive many emails from a variety of people about a variety of different projects, you need a way to organize these emails. If all of your emails are going into one mailbox, then sifting through them manually to find the one you are looking for can be a huge waste of time. Mail … Read more

How to Find your Keys, Wallet or most Anything using iPhone

When you can’t find your iPhone, you probably already have strategies in place for finding it like using your Apple Watch or having someone nearby call your number. What about your keys? Your wallet? These items don’t (generally) come equipped with any technology you can use to find them. So, how do you use your … Read more