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  1. This just started happening to me but, quitting Slack didn’t change anything. Currently running only Outlook, Chrome, and Messages. Any ideas?

  2. If you are using Airplay and lock your computer, the binocular icon will also appear on your Lock Screen

  3. My issue was slack. Googled this because I saw the noculars on my lock screen. I had just came off a slack screenshare about 5 mins before. Closed slack and the icon was no more. Thanks

  4. This happens also on lock screen because a bug in Slack. Restart Slack and the binoculars are gone.

    1. Thanks Mentor! Slack was indeed the culprit for me. Had some quirkiness with a video call earlier in the day and much later noticed the icon on the lock screen. Killing slack made it go away.

    2. Mentor: Likely the _only_ reason slack causes that is so that it can do that fancy blur effect when you resize the screen in “split full screen mode”

    3. Thanks!!. Yes, in my case I am using both Duet and Slack. But looks like it is Slack the one that shows the binoculars while opened.

  5. This also happens in some cases if you are using multiple monitors. See this post:
  6. I am not recording my screen, but whenever my comp goes to sleep or I lock my screen, the binoculars appear as if my screen is recording. Does it mean spyware? How can I stop it from ever recording??

    1. Are you using Slack? The same was happening to me and I just closed Slack, reloaded into the machine and the binoculars were gone. Someone mentioned it below and it did the trick.

    1. Thank you! I was wondering what was happening because screen recording prevents the Mac from being unlocked by an Apple Watch.

    2. Thank you for adding that! Scared me for a second. I’ve been using duet for a few years, I’d never seen that icon before.

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