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  1. We should find a comprehensive app to uninstall apps, delete duplicate and clean junk to free up hard disk space on Mac.

  2. Let me bring something to the attention of whoever wrote these instructions.

    You start out by noting that if we are running less than Catalina we may no have the “Manage” button in Storage in About This Mac. Then you go on to tell us how to clear space on our hard drive and create more room by the following:

    under “Optimize Storage”

    1 Apple Menu
    2 Select About This Mac
    3 Click on the Storage tab
    4 Click Manage

    Did you happen to notice anything wrong with your instructions? If I’m running El Capitan that has no manage button, how the heck am I supposed to click on the manage button?

    I tried upgrading to something higher, better, or just different from El Capitan but the App store says Catalina can not be installed on my computer. Fantastic.

    Now I’m back to where we started again, and again, and again, and again. No one seems to have a clue how I can make space on my Mac hard drive without that danged manage button. Why is that? Do I throw this Mac in the River and drop a couple grand on a new Mac that has a manage button?

    As you might detect, I’m getting a bit flustered. It’s 5 am and this is the 4th night Ive spent hour after hour after hour trying to make this computer work again, but it seems my problem is that it takes space to make space on a Mac and I don’t have enough space to make any space so what is the solution? Anything you can think of before I try to knock stuff off the hard drive with my Louisville Slugger I’m looking at over there in my closet?

    I know Apple doesn’t allow anyone having real problems to post here and this post will be taken down within minutes I’m sure because I’m not bubbling over with Happy Apple Joy at this moment in this predawn hour!

    But could SOMEONE PLEASE just give me a link or something that can tell me if it is at all possible to create any space on a Mac that does not have a manage button in About this Mac-Storage? Please?

  3. You can choose third party tools to clean system junks and duplicate files. I clean my duplicate photos with iMyMac PowerMymac. May be you’ll like it.

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