How To Record Your Face and Screen On Your Mac

In this article, I explain how you can record your face and screen at the same time so that you can create engaging and fun videos. Note that there are several apps that can do this. This tutorial shows you can create a screencast using the built-in Mac apps and hardware. So that you will not need to use any other third-party apps.  We will use QuickTime Player.

If you want to audio-only recording, see this article.

There are many advantages to creating screen videos. For instance, nowadays, teachers are recording your lessons so that their students can watch them anytime.

These types of videos will create recordings of the actions on your computer screen with accompanying audio and your face. This will let you provide quick video explanations or tutorials. For example, you can create Youtube tutorials using the method described in this article.

How to Screencast (Mac)


1-Launch QuickTime player. It can be found in the applications folder.

2-Select File > New Movie Recording.

Quicktime new movie create

3-Select View > Float on top so that your camera window will be on top of any other application anywhere on your screen. If you do not select this, your video may not record you.

quicktime float on top of screen

4-Now you can resize the camera window. You can move this camera view anywhere you want (left, right, top, bottom, etc).

quicktime camera

5-Now  again, in QuickTime Player, select File > New Screen Recording

screen recording

You will see this:

quicktime screen

You can change some settings by clicking the arrow next to the Record button. You can record your full screen or part of your Mac screen. You may want to arrange your screen (where will your camera be etc?) before you start your recording.

6-When you are ready to start recording, click the red record button. You have two options: (a) if you want to record your entire screen, click anywhere on your screen to start the actual recording (b) or you may drag to select an area.

record entire or part of your screen

7-Now you are recording your screen and your camera view (e.g. your face). When you are done recording you may press the Command-Control-Esc keys. After you done, you may also edit your video using Quicktime. For instance, you may go to QuickTime > Edit  > Trim to remove the unwanted parts of your video.

Other notes:

  1. You can also press Shift-Command (⌘)-5  to create video and capture still images of your screen.
  2. Please note that if your Mac does not have a built-in camera, you can use an external camera.
  3. You can use an iOS device connected to your Mac to record a video on your device.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for this. It has worked but there is a delay in the recording with my voice being quicker than the actual movie of me talking making it look very badly dubbed. Is there a way around this?


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