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  1. YOU SAVE MY SANITY WITH “ZOOM” SHOWING UP WHEN LESS DESIRED….and staying on regardless of…..
    Hi, am an older lady and retiree and I wish to thank you and your web for your excellent assistance in so many different iphone/tech issues, especially so the ‘Zoom/Magnifier Feature. Your advice was not only effective and ample, but also worded in simple ways for no-tech people like myself. In the past, I have had numerous times to approach strangers at stores, airports, etc for emergency assistance in shutting down the ‘magnifier so that I could access the needed information in my phone . It is very erratic in the way it pops-ups…now I can understand how to handle it at will.
    Again my deepest appreciation for you help, including diagrams that make solving this small ‘pesky’ tech nuisances so much easier and palatable to solve,
    Aida, Boston area.

  2. Thank you for the detail how to! 3 fingers…lol! That exactly what I experienced per your write up.
    Very helpful! Thumbs up!!!

  3. Sure but……HOW do I permanently shut down Manifier. Even with Zoom off it pops up at the most in opportune times. Looks more like a camera screen than the Zoom effect. No matter how often I slide it off and turns itself back on. I’m speaking only about Magifier, and yes I understand that under normal circumstances it is a subset of Zoom. But not in my case

  4. Oh my!! New to the smartphone world and saw that I could turn on zoom. I did and my screen only reflected two numbers for the pass code screen and I could not unlock my phone to turn zoom off. Read this and with three fingers several times……………finally got the ability to punt in my code with some movement of the screen to get the last three numbers. I will never ever use that zoom feature again. Struggled with the three finger logic…

  5. Nothing worked. Connected iPhone to iMac with cable, computer does not see the iPhone. iPhone seems to bw working fine except can’t shut if off as none of the buttons work. HELP

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