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  1. I have iphone 7plus. After upgraded to iOS 14,4 the back camera is not okay, it’s blurring and could not do focus on all selection, but portrait does. Front camera is ok. What is causing the issue ?

  2. My camera front and back is also stopped working after once i upgrade to ios 14. front back and flash light is suddenly stopped from working.

  3. Same Problem with iPhone XS Max
    After update to ios14 both cameras, Face ID and flashlight doesn‘t work
    I am really furios😡
    Thinking to change out all my Apple products if this bug won‘t be fixed in near future.

      1. Now I found that the cameras are working in Facebook Messenger app camera feature. Extreme weird things happening jajaja

  4. I have a brand new macbook air and iphone SE. The continuity camera document scanner feature isn’t working after the update to iOS14, right when I desperately needed it to. Really disappointing. I hope apple can figure out a way to release a patch quickly, for this is a promised feature that one of the main reasons to have the expensive set up.

  5. I’ve tried everything and nothing works. Will downgrading really fix all these problems? Or is it just an assumption?

  6. The flashlight tip totally works for me! I have to do EVERY TIME I use my camera … but at least there’s a workaround to get the camera going. My mic has been broken for literally YERAS and I thought it was just my iPhone… damn Apple, I’m really thinking about Android FYI.

  7. Thank you for this article! It got my flashlight and camera back up and going! Now, how about a fix for that microphone. I can’t send or receive voice calls or do speech to text, but I can watch videos.

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