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  1. This solution didn’t work for me. What worked for me: You have to tap and hold the widget and the change the location/time zone there.

  2. I have tried all of the options that you give in order to reset the time on my icon for the widget. Nothing works. the screen time at the top left is correct, but the icon time is incorrect and shows a totally different time than what it is in my region

  3. If your clock widget is frozen/not updating, this is the fix you’re looking for.

    iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 14.2.1. Clock widget was not updating, second hand wasn’t moving. Went to Settings –> General –> 24-Hour Time and enabled that. Clock widget was working fine, went back to disable 24-Hour Time and it continued working, updating the time with a sweeping second hand.

  4. It’s definitely a bug. I have an iPhone 12 and the widget is static. Problem is it doesn’t refresh and remains at the time setup although the system clock is correct

  5. Do not work here either. I have iOS 14.2 on a iPhone 12 pro. Have done everything to fix it, but it still freezes after a short time 🥸

  6. Clock widget is not working. The second hand is not turning either. Even though the iphone’s time is correct.

  7. That worked thanks, didn’t have the issue with my 10XR but did with my Wifes Iphone 11. Been annoying me for days.

  8. The same here. Restarted the phone. Worked. After a few minutes, got stuck again.
    More interesting is the fact the now the clock doesn’t show its hands…

  9. Did as you said and clock widget is still off but the actual clock app is correct. Did your advice several times and same result. Weird

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