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  1. Your instructions (Google Folder) I had not seen anywhere before for the “Chrome Problem”; and they worked. Thank you!

  2. It works just perfect! Many thanks!!! I was surprised I could not get this answer from Google itself nor other well known websites…

  3. Thank you so much, the step 3 option worked like a charm for me. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge in detail with us. Wish you all the best!

  4. Disconnect all cables to dual screen (if you are using 2 or 3 screens) before the startup and then load your mac. I had this problem and was so fed up. Finally figured out what is causing. Hope this helps.

  5. After the M1(Apple) chip, Chrome website gives the option to download for Intel chip or for Apple chip.

    Try downloading Apple chip chrome not Intel chip even though your processor is Intel.

  6. I followed all instructions above. It don’t help. Next try, this “~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome, there is not a single folder anymore. My previous Macbook Pro OS was High Sierra, Chrome was working well then. I changed a number of times, High Sierra changed to Catalina, changed to High Sierra, Every time the OS is Catalina, Chrome don’t work. I believe the issue is with OS Catalina.

  7. I have tried uninstall/reinstall. It worked perfectly for that day and browsing session. I left and came back the next day … and it is a repeat. Chrome not opening. WiFi good so it’s not connectivity problems. Any one have other suggestions?

    1. Same problem here. I just restarted my computer and it’s doing the same thing won’t open the window….

  8. My Chrome files were corrupted This saved me – ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome moved Chrome to trash and reinstalled – without out your step 3 I would have not been able to restore my beloved Chrome

  9. Hi when I type in library application support or library application support google chrome it just says the folder can’t be found any help on how I can get google chrome on my Mac book pro many thanks

  10. Chrome wouldn’t open from Applications folder. Tried many different ideas; restarting the MacBook, changing permissions on both the install dmg file and the application file, deleting app and reinstalling again. Only item 3, changing permissions on the ~/Library/Application Support/Google folder allowed the installation to complete after opening the Google Chrome application.

  11. Hola! Como se escribe el primer símbolo? Abro la carpeta…pero hasta ahí no más llego…no sé usar este teclado😭

  12. Hi,
    Same problem but your steps are not resolving the issue.
    Google Chrome can not be opened.
    I dragged Google chrome to trash, wanting to uninstall and reinstall, but the trash will not allow me to delete Google chrome as it says it is in use.
    I tried Command+Option+Escape but it shows the application is not in use.
    I followed your steps Number 3 & 4: it still won’t allow me to delete. I even drag the folder for Google drive to trash as well as Google Chrome.
    The trash allowed me to delete Google Drive but not Google Chrome!It insists google chrome is still in use.
    Any suggestions how to completly stop google chrome from working so that I may uninstall and then re-install?

    1. I had the same problem. The trash won’t allow me to delete Google Chrome. Si, I tried reinstall without uninstall and it worked!

  13. amazing! worked like a charm. Wonder how people were solving small but pesky problems like this before without internet. 🙂

  14. Wonderful – Worked perfectly – weirdly my iMac hadn’t put any user profiles into the permissions, only system – easy fix. thanks

  15. Thanks so much.
    I downloaded it and then the icon would just appear in my toolbar and just as quickly disappear.
    Followed the instructions here, and it worked like a charm.

  16. Yay!! Thank You!! This was so helpful! The normal person wouldn’t know to go in and change the permission!

  17. It works! Thank you.
    No words can describe my relief. I have been trying to get Chrome working for weeks now. It was a permission issue !

  18. Brilliant,Thanks for your help.I think I had a corrupted file so I trashed it and installed a new version, works perfectly.

  19. Did not work for me. My system updated Google Chrome on June 2, 2020. I can’t delete the app and install again because it keeps telling me it’s open. Yet I have tried three different ways to “force quit”! This is beyond frustrating.

    1. This is me too, I cannot remove the app as it keeps saying its open even though I have forced quit several times. Would love to know if you have fixed the problem?

  20. Thanks a lot! That solved the problem (exit code 21) which wasn’t clear to me. However, why wouldn’t the proper “Read&Write” permission be granted by default to the user who has installed Chrome onto his/her MacOS? I haven’t come across any other software that has the same issue.

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