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  1. Don’t forget about “blocked messages.” I have several automated numbers blocked but they still leave messages and I had two years worth of blocked messages and couldn’t figure out why my voicemail was full. Found it!

  2. I have about 4 or 5 voicemails that I want to keep on my iPhone 10. But people call and it’s says my voice mail is full? I might have very old voicemail but I don’t know how to get to them?

  3. Thanks but didn’t solve the problem. I would like to avoid the last step, contacting Verizon. Yesterday I was in their inadequate automated system for over an hour, including texting “with a live representative” without solving the problem. It just kept looping me back! I think my next step should be changing carriers!

    I didn’t even try the other ‘fixes’; don’t like to have to go back and reset passwords, etc.

  5. Thanks sooo much, That took care of the issue. I had no idea my phone was storing all those deleted messages!

  6. I tried all the steps, but what worked in the end, was so simple! I simply called my voicemail the old school way, from my phone (by dialing the number of the phone I am on) and entered my passcode when prompted. I could hear all of the messages that were not showing up on my voicemail screen (it read “no voicemails”). I deleted each one… press 7 to delete, but verify after listening to he first voicemail options after the voicemail is complete….you do not have to listen to the whole voicemail. As soon as it said “Next Message” I hit 7 until it said ” You have no more messages.” I hung up, had my husband call my phone to see if he could leave a message and Voila!

    1. Thank you! I tried everything else suggested and nothing worked. This was so simple and now my voicemail is no longer full

    2. Your answer was the most simplistic of any I have read regarding this problem. I have put a screenshot of this on my desktop so I will never forget it or I can easily send it to friends. Thanks tons!!!

    3. Thank you! Every step did not solve the VM box full issue, until trying it the “old school way” as you suggested! Viola is right! I had 39 VM messages that weren’t at all visable on my iPhione (even aftering deleting and “clear all” functions were applied. So even though this is a fix, the carrier (Verizon in my case) needs to address this problem.

    4. Tried every step and nothing worked until I followed your suggestion.Thank you so much for posting your experience it freed up the rest of my day and so simple.

  7. My voicemail says it is full – but when I delete a few messages, and keep deleting once they come in the voicemail continues to stay “full”. it is as though the voicemails are in fact not being deleted, but I can’t see them any longer.

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