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    1. The same as if it’s on (Grey or blue)except it won’t notify you At that moment but either way you get the message. I “do not disturb” mostly in group text. My phone blows up with every comment or personally if someone calls or Has a tendency to call or text late I don’t want to hear the notification

    1. You would have to go to your contacts and BLOCK the particular person from which you do not want to receive texts. Do not disturb means that when you get a text from a person you do not want to be distrurbed. That means your phone won’t buzz, vibrate, ring, do cartwheels, or anything else. It will just sit there quietly and not let you know you recieved a text from that person.

      1. I believe if I put my phone on “do not disturb” anyone that calls me goes to voice mail. However if the know (let’s say they know you are at work and you can’t take calls that you use do not disturb. If the caller calls immediately right away the call will go through.

  1. But how did the “gray moon” get turned on for a text message in the first place? I didn’t put it on.


    1. You probably did it accidentally. This happens to me on my mac using Messages: if you accidentally drag a contact in messages slightly to the right, a moon icon appears. If that gets clicked while you drag, then you have enabled Do Not Disturb for that contact. It can happen if you click on a contact and hold the mouse button too long: you then effectively click and drag on that contact and enabled DND. To fix that just drag the contact to the right a little to expose the moon icon and click it to turn DND off for that contact.

      1. You are so nice to take the time to explain to us. Thank you so very very much.

        I’m older. Not OLD tho !! lol
        Thanks again to

  2. Hi there, I sent a text to a contact and saw the grey moon appear. I don’t remember turning on the alerts as it’s not happening for anyone else. Is it possible that they put my text into a Do Not Disturb on their phone? We are both on iPhone. Thanks, Helen

  3. I found my husband on Skype long story anyways I have his number in my contacts and whe I send a message to the number in contacts it’s normal but when I send it to the other not even logged into Skype it sends but no text back.Does this mean that he has two numbers confused???

      1. Very good that you would defend someone trying to explain. Concerned. Citizen has no understanding and reacts through ignorance.

  4. Hi. I only have one contact that comes up with the blue grey moon symbol. Unsure why ??
    Thank you

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