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  1. ‘Ensure that you have enough iCloud storage.’ – Why all repost this if the issue is clearly with downloading FROM, not uploading to iCloud?

  2. I did the above instructions and all my photos that were in the Clouds hadn’t returned…. does it take longer then 24 hours. OMG!!!!!! Where are my photos ???,,, HELP!!!!!!

  3. FOR ANYONE WITH DELETED PHOTOS: They should still be on under photos. Same happened to me and I had a panic attack, but I was able to find them again there.

  4. Did all the steps and most of my photos, most of my notes, most of my music and god knows what else is gone! I guess I should have read the comments first. Iphone Max Pro

  5. I have my iPad Pro 11 set to download and keep the original photos, and I still get this message even when the photo was created on that iPad (now iOS 12.2, but I think it was doing this on the prior version)! That shouldn’t be possible as there never should be a thumbnail only on a device both creating the photo and set to download originals.

    I also get the error message, “Cannot duplicate photo” under the same circumstances. I hope a reboot might fix these problems.

    To everyone claiming your photos were deleted when you “did this”, what did you do? The author recommended several options. And please follow up to the suggestions that the photo was still in your iCloud.

    Finally, macreports why is this comment field giving light gray text on a white background? Looking cool is great, but it is not functional. I can barely see what I’m typing. Is Jony Ive designing this site ;-? At least you won’t delete criticism like Apple is doing on their support forums with third-party repair firms claiming they can recovered some damaged iOS devices, I hope . . .

  6. Kindly note that I have lost my videos & didn’t find them in I cloud !
    I communicated with Apple support but without any results

  7. One easy fix that works for me is to open a video first. It takes a few seconds to laod. You can now close it and try opening photos. They should open now.

    This process, however, needs to be repeated everytime you get the error.

  8. It deleted all my babies photos when she was born!! Thanks for nothing! I’m one pissed off mother!!

  9. MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE IS NOT IN LOW POWER MODE! You can tell if it is because your battery bar will be yellow. Turning low power-mode off worked for me. In regards to logging in and out of your iCloud, I always backup right before doing anything iCloud related. If you do log out and back in, your photos will probably take a very long time to load back.

  10. If your photos were on iCloud to begin with, resetting your phone or logging out of iCloud won’t delete them. When you restore iCloud to your phone, they are the last thing to show up and take some time to show up again.

  11. Glad I read the comments first. I backed my phone up, turned it off and on and still nothing. Found a YouTube video and all I did was go to settings>battery>turn of low power mode and it’s working now.

  12. I had my low power mode on which wouldn’t allow me to download the photos. Make sure that is turned off if you get this message and see if it works.

    1. Why couldn’t I have seen this sooner? My phone lives in low power mode… I have deleted so much off of my phone over the past few days…. Thank you for posting this! You have saved me from losing my mind.

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