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  1. I have no anti virus software. Emails are received but the internal tabs for a calendar or book or other will not work. An error message : the application cannot be opened error : 10673.

    This is somewhat poor ! I wish I had not upgraded!

  2. I’ve had this problem since upgrading to Monterey, and I don’t run any antivirus software. I just restarted my computer in safe mode, and still can’t see graphics. I have Gmail, and can see the graphics fine when I open Gmail in Safari.

  3. I don’t have any anti-viral software. Only certain email content won’t load on my iMac after installing Monterey. My email all works fine on all my other devices. Haven’t been able to find a solution. Any thoughts appreciated.

  4. I set up my new Mac that comes with Monterey. A fresh start (no files transferred over).
    I had this problem of crashing/freezing when it was trying to download existing messages. There were thousands of messages. I finally went on to the web version in iCloud to view emails in browser. I deleted some emails I knew I would not need. Do a search ‘From’ a sender that you no longer need. Select all emails and delete them. My thinking was, if I could delete a few, it may help poor Mail. This worked and downloads started to flow again!

    1. I just did this, deleted all emails from a very wordy weekly subscription to a literary site, then tested by sending some emails back and forth to 2 of my own address’s, and immediately my own new fresh emails started showing in large message text area.
      Will see what happens when some new ones arrive from outside senders…but thanks for your advice !!!

  5. I have the same problem. This thread has helped as I have AVG installed and taking the email shield has allowed content to be downloaded. Hopefully Apple can fix this problem soon.

  6. Hello

    Thank you!

    For me it was AVG causing the emails not to show properly and turning off the AVG email shield resolved the issue.

  7. Interesting – I spent all afternoon fighting with plists, renaming library folders, etc. After countless searches I found this page. I was able to get around the issue with Avast Security, not by deleting it entirely but disabling the e-mail shield component. It’s a known bug with Monterey and Avast but hopefully will be resolved in the near future.

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