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  1. I have the flag icon in the tool bar, but there is no column to show the flag on my MacBook pro.

    how can i get a column that will show the flags?

    1. I had this issue then I realized I had to differentiate the tool bar from the column bar. You have to write click in the column bar–so got to where it says “from” and right click right next to it and you will get choices to add to the columns.

  2. Thanks you for solving the Flags in column view for me. It makes sense now that I’ve done it but I was at my wit’s end about that! It’s a big part of how I work.

  3. Anyone having an issue with using search and then switch mailboxes and the text you entered is still in the search bar? In other words you need to manually remove the phrase before things re-appear in the new mailbox.

  4. Missing “Not Junk” icon. Would prefer back. Just because I move it to the inbox doesn’t mean I want more than just the one email in the inbox. Conversely, there are now a bunch of emails that I need to clarify are not junk. Please advise

  5. The Attachment icon (paperclip) is missing. This is really annoying as I simply have no idea which emails have attachments without opening every single one. Please advise.

  6. The Filter icon is locked onto the leftmost position on the tool bar and cannot be moved, deleted or replaced. Why?

  7. Is there any way to move the FILTER heading? How does one remove items from the toolbar? I, for example, NEVER use Archive

  8. Hello,

    is there any way to keep the serach field constantly “open”? That it has to be klicked to unfold is pretty annoying, if you use the search a lot.
    I tried to move it to other places in the bar, or add spaces, so it has the room to unfold, but that doesn`t work either…
    Not sure who had this idea, but I do not see any reason that it is auto-folding, beside maybe a mobile version.

    Thanks and best regards

  9. How can I select the folder for Archive? In other than English languages Archive have different names e.g. on the Exchange server (Microsoft365 service…). Mail created new Archive folder and it is not the same as Archiwum folder in my Exchange account!

  10. My flagged email appears in the list of Favorites. I have Red, Orange, Blue and Green flagged items, but when I click on the flag list, nothing appears and the flag count disappears. I don’t get the list of the specific colored flagged items. If I close Mail and reopen it, the flag count appears in the Favorites list for each colored flag, but I cannot see those flagged items. I use Flags to remind me what needs attention and find this change very disappointing.

      1. Me too. I see no answer.
        While a flag column is now visible, all of the various colored flags for their corresponding messages are no longer visible. What good is the flag column if nothing shows up in it?

        1. I also rely heavily on flags and that have begun to omit entire months for no decreeable reason, would really like an answer to this one.

  11. Thank you! Another problem for me ….. it doesn’t differentiate in bold (or not) whether a text has been read. Is there a way to put this feature back in? It’s very important for me.

  12. Hello, In Big Sure: The dark background (light background) option under Mail app > Preferences > Views is missing. It is discussed within the related Mail Help window though? Anyone else notice this issues, or am I, myself, missing something. Thank you.

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