How To Sign In To From Your iPad Or iPhone

iCloud allows users to store /share data (such as music, photos, mail etc). You can access the data you have stored in iCloud by signing in to the website from a computer web browser, Windows or Mac. Because web access to requires a desktop web browser.

However, when you try to sing in to the web site from your iPhone or iPad, you will see the following screen: web site on iPhone screen
Set up iCloud on this device

This is because Apple does not want you to access the site from an iOS device because you can sing in to your iCloud account by going to Settings > iCloud where you can easily turn on and off various iCloud features and services.

iCloud settings

Also, you can already access your iCloud data via your iPhone or iPad apps, e.g., Photos, iCloud Drive, Mail etc.

How to login to iCloud

1-On your iPhone or iPad, launch Safari

2-Go to

3-Now tap and hold the Refresh button in the URL bar.

4-Tap Request Desktop Site.

request desktop site on iPhone or iPad website will reload and you can now sing in using your Apple ID. However, since is not a responsive website. This means that the web site is not offering users a mobile-friendly version.

Troubleshooting tips for various problems when attempting to sign in at

  • Do not just enter your username. Make sure that your enter your complete Apple ID like “”
  • If you forget your password, you can reset.
  • Check iCloud support website to make sure there are no issues showing up.

iCloud was launched in 2011. It replace MobileMe.

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