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  1. Thanks , this worked when Nikon camera wouldn’t appear in finder. Closed finder and restarted it and it re-appeared.

  2. I recently moved a large amount of files from desktop to a new folder in order to free the desktop. What I’m now left with in the new folder are aliases of the original files that can neither be opened nor “fixed”. I’ve tried all of the above steps without success. Any other suggestions please?

  3. I only had to delete the first one under step 4, so don’t be confused if you can’t find the second one to delete. Thank you so much for the help, I was super worried! <3

  4. The problem isn’t the new Downloads folder. You don’t need to resurrect the old one.

    You need to remove the broken alias from the Sidebar, then replace it with one that points to your new downloads folder. Ctrl-click on the folder in the Sidebar and choose Remove. Then drag the new Downloads folder into the Sidebar.

    You probably need to fix the permissions on the new Downloads folder, though.

    Select it in the Finder window, and Get Info.

    In the Sharing & Permissions section, click the padlock to unlock the pane.

    There is probably a Staff entry with Read only. Select it and click the Remove ( – ) button.

    For everyone, set it to no access

  5. The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “Documents” can’t be found.

    and same to desktop how can I fix it

  6. Wish I had done this fix first !

    Here’s what worked for me (2020 iMac, Catalina):
    System Preferences —> Sharing
    Control Right Click on the user under Users,(small window opens)
    Click on “Apply permissions to enclosed items”

    Didn’t have to restart.

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