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  1. Have the exact same issue on 12.2. I updated as was having the same issue and still remains. Have tried every suggestion I can find, including deleting the app but nothing fixes it.

    Also noticed Siri has no voice and whenever I try to go to Siri settings the setting screen freezes.

    Please help as I use my maps all the time and this is very frustrating to say the least.

  2. Google maps loads up centered on Yakima washington on my ipad, my wifes ipad, both of our iphones, and this IMAC. It worked fine up until the last IOS change and now it doesn’t. I’ve got location services turned on all devices and nothing works.

  3. Tried all of these still doesn’t work. If I restart the phone the app will work for a couple seconds then crash. I can’t click on anything in the maps app. All other app work great other than SIRI which seems to be muted

    1. I get that too. If I delete the app and reinstall it, it will work once and then never again until I delete and reinstall it.

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