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  1. I have no such button to hide my name and number on my iPhone 8+. How do I call someone FOR CERTAIN in the UK from my iPhone and they will not see my name or phone number??! Help!!!!! Please 🙏

  2. Agree, there is no “show my caller ID button” on my iPhone 12 but if you dial *67 area code & phone number it will block your name & phone number. I called a college to ask for some information & did the *67 block.. they would no accept my call! They said I had to unblock my call first.

  3. This is NOT accurate. I know how caller ID works. If I am in their contacts list, then their phone ties my number to my name. If I am not in their contact list, then it just shows my number. I have my caller ID turned OFF. I called someone yesterday thinking my phone number would not be show (as your article states). They missed my call, yet today, they called me back and inquired as to what I had wanted. Obviously, my phone number was NOT hidden or they’d not have been able to call me back. Caller ID to me means my phone number. Knowing my name is dependent upon THEIR phone, not mine. They do not need my name to call me back.

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