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  1. this has happened to me several times and rebooting the phone seems to fix it. As mentioned by another user, there seems to be an extra long wait between shutting the phone down and being able to reboot…much longer than normal.

  2. Please this didn’t work for me my problem is my history recent calls missed is not showing at all help a soul

  3. My problem of not seeing a record of recent calls was solved when I noticed the little boxes above the recents: ALL:MISSED.
    Somehow, the missed box had been activated (a slip of a finger perhaps!).
    I tapped ALL and all was restored! Happy days!

    1. Oh my god….I wish I had seen this earlier. I have been struggling with this problem for 3 days…..many thanks mate

    2. Thanks for this, so simple, as soon as I read your fix I realised that this had happened before. Frustration over, well done.

  4. I tried all the above to no avail, finally fixed the error by changing the country from +44 UK to US and then switched it back, it reformatted the numbers and displayed all the telephone numbers correctly thus reinstating names instead of just numbers.

  5. I am having the same situation and support said it was AT&T’s issue. I said no, its a software issue. they were no help whatsoever. I still don’t have my call history. 3 years just disappeared.

  6. I cannot see any missed calls. If someone calls me and I miss it, it doesn’t even show on my phone that someone has called me. I tried all the tricks listed and nothing is working to make it show up. Its been doing it for a while now.

  7. Same here. No call logs. embarrassing when someone inquires after a call they have made I missed and have to tell them my iPhone has a problem with call history!

    1. Restarting/ resetting the phone solves the issue only temporarily..
      I opened a case with Apple by Nov, still unsolved until this minute..
      I even recorded them actually making a test call, but they denied to replace the phone (XS) since it’s not functional and It affected my work and life in general.
      The advisor was rude and said we won’t replace your phone!
      Correct me if I’m wrong, we are entitled to fully functional phones and deserve to get the issue fixed especially that it’s within the 1 year warranty..
      Apple got the worst after care service ever.
      Guys if you want us to start a hashtag on Twitter to make them understand our issue, count me in !

  8. i just spoke to someone on the phone and now their number is not showing up in recent call histroy, what do i do? i tried all the tricks listed above

  9. It’s showing call logs but it’s not in order as before. Please wipe down call logs you can see from list in some places. Thanks.

  10. It’s showing call logs but it’s not in order as before. Please wipe down call logs you can see from list in some places. Thanks.

  11. Nothing worked for me. All recent calls gone. Screen is blank, can’t even get keypad to dial a phone number. Contacts button is gone too! Now what???

  12. My problem is different. All my recents disappeared before 8/24/18. I did not erase them. I do have the ones from 8/24/18 onwards.

    1. I have been trying to get my recents on my iPhone
      Then I realised above recents there are two things one all/the other missed
      I tapped all and all missed recents came on iPhone .

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