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  1. I’m having the same problem as the last two people! I lost my remote and need to pair my phone but can’t enter the four digit code into my Apple TV in the settings part because I can’t get there because I lost my remote! Please Apple make a way to pair my iPhone without having to do this step so I can actually use my iPhone as a remote!!!

  2. This solution does not work. For me: same wifi network, latest Apple TV version. Can no longer do anything with the App as it’s part of Control Centre with no access to settings. De-paired on the TV but can’t do the same on the iPhone. Rebooted Apple TV. All instructions followed multiple times.

  3. my iphone remote stopped recognizing my apple tv box so im not able to use the service and the apple tv is on, it owrks but the remote gives me a message about it not being connected to the same network and it is

  4. I really dont know if you guys know what you are telling us. How can we go to setting of apple tv if we dont have the remote control. Thats the reason why we want to use ios device to control apple tv.

  5. My Apple TV Remote doesn’t work, so that is why I download the Apple TV on my iPad but I can’t pair cause I can’t use the Apple TV Remote!!!!

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