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  1. Similar problem. I can Face-time other people but not my friend in South Africa, after having done so for quite some time. The Face-time icon does not light up on my computer, iphone, or iPad anymore. She can Face-time me.

  2. My granddaughter can FaceTime me and when I try her name is not highlighted so I can’t press FaceTime or audio.I’ve tried everything this is the only one that does this.She can FaceTime me no problem.Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  3. When my son facetimes us from the Army every 15 minutes our facetime drops and we have to reconnect. He only has this problem when he calls me on my iPad. He has no problems when facetiming with anyone else. Our wifi is very strong and we have no problems like this with any other connections. Any ideas at all as to why this happens and how we could fix it?

  4. Is there a way to prove I didn’t hang up on someone? I have searched the system log in Console on my iMac Big Sur latest which was using my cell phone to make the call and after 10 minutes app. it failed at the worst possible time in the middle of a heated exchange and now my caller doesn’t believe I didn’t hang up on them.

    I can’t find anything beyond a “Jan 10 10:35:57[1] ([16551]): Service did not exit 5 seconds after SIGTERM. Sending SIGKILL.”

    Which I don’t think is what I need to prove to my friend who is now refusing to talk to me that I didn’t hang up.

    Is there anything else I should be searching in? My notifications for FaceTime don’t show the error throne and I didn’t have the presence of mind to do a screen grab when the error was still up.

  5. Ever since the American Election (and I am sure that isn’t the cause) FaceTime has been a nightmare. I Facetime with 3 people on my Ipad and two are on iPads and once is on an android. The weekly call to my cousin in Alberta allows us to talk for 5 – 8 min. then poor connection, wait till we reconnect you pops up and then we are disconnected. The same problem is happening with my grandson; we last no longer than 5 minutes and we are disconnected. My daughter in law and I can talk normally for as long as we wish with no problems. This is really frustrating, especially now with covid, and I am wondering what is wrong.

  6. For the last few days when I’m using FaceTime after a few minutes the screen disappears, and I get a thing green line appearing at the top of the screen telling me “touch to resume” – as if I have gone to another app while calling, but when I touch to resume, it doesn’t work and the call then disappears. I have tried rebooting several times, have had the latest update – but still having the problem. Any ideas on how this might be resolved. Thanks in advance for advice.

    1. Have you had any help in solving this problem? I have the same problem and would be grateful for any advice you can give. Thank you.

  7. My cellphone (6s) minimizes Facetime after 6 minutes 24 seconds. It goes to the home screen and ‘tap to return to facetime’ appears up top. But it won’t go back to facetime and the call drops. It never did this for the longest time but now it does it every time. I’ve tried uninstalling facetime and reinstalling it. none of the fixes I’ve seen online work.

  8. Hi folks. I have a problem I can’t find the answer to. My daughter can both call me and FaceTime me. I can also call her, so clearly my phone number is not blocked. However, even though neither of us have changed any of our settings, she no longer is receiving my FaceTimes to her.

    Any ideas?

  9. I’m connecting h to the FaceTime I answer and then it says another incoming call yet I was already connecting to the call

  10. Hi, Can anyone help me here. My Face Time doesn’t seem to be working. I have tried to ring numerous people in my contacts and my iPad makes a ringing noise, but doesn’t connect with the person I am trying to call. Also I have had people trying to call me, but they haven’t been able to get through and when they have told me it hasn’t come up on my iPad that I have any missed calls. Any help; advice; suggestions; etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :).

    1. Hi was u able to get a fix for the problem you had with your FaceTime because my son FaceTime is doing the same thing and I can’t find a resolution

  11. The other problem may be because of your iCloud for messages is off… turn it on and you’re FaceTime will work

  12. Hi, my issue is when I’m on a call on FaceTime video as soon as I put my iphone 11 pro max vertically somewhere and continue talking other person cannot hear me. I tried this on multiple surfaces like kitchen bench, couch, coffee table. One of my friends have the sane issue with her iphone 11 pro. How can I fix this problem as I need to use facetime a lot and most of the time I need to secure the phone somewhere and continue talking. Never had this issue with my iphone X

  13. FaceTime & iMessage App doesnot show my Mobile Number though it is updated in Apple Account as well as updated in “my phone number” in Phone app please tell what to do ?

  14. my issue is that randomly my facetime camera will turn black and it will show as paused for the other person also the options on the facetime call with become grey and won’t let me use them

  15. My issue is whenever i’m on facetime, and i try to leave the screen (go on pause/switch to a different app) it ends the call.

  16. My issues appears to be related t the fact that our iMac is connected via ethernet. We have been able to answer facetime calls on the iMac but not able to add a new call number and connect to it.

  17. For me everyone says my camera is bad, but when I take a picture or something, it is pretty good

  18. mines super weird, so i can make the FaceTime call but it goes to my backround just blurry but i can still hear there person but i cant do anything, i cant end it or use affects just make the call

  19. I have a new iPhone 11, and now, whoever I’m FaceTiming someone, they tell me I’m going in and out and they miss half of what I say

  20. My FaceTime calls won’t go through to the other persons phone and my phone isn’t receiving FaceTime calls

  21. When I am making a group call on Face time, one person is not getting the message to pick up. However if I call her directly we can communicate.
    This has happened before but is frustrating since I am doing a class and this person is one of the students
    When I put the call out for everyone the screen indicates waiting but of course she is not getting the call.
    Please help.

  22. I can FaceTime with other people except for one, my mum. I call her or she call me, we’ll accept the call, and it just stuck at connecting until timeout. Can’t do video or Audio with her on the FaceTime app. Reset my iPad, set it up as a new iPad. Still will not work. It can’t be the port being closed as I can FaceTime with other people on my contact list.

  23. My problem is a strange on. I call my mum on her land line and I tell her to answer her FaceTime call when I ring her on the iPad. I’m using iPad too and using mobile to call her landline. I can hear here iPad ringing and I can see and hear her. But one I hang up my mobile the FaceTime session freezes and disconnects. I can only connect if we are on the phone.
    Any suggestions

  24. I can’t ft one person but the rest I can when she calls it doesn’t pop up on either of our phones what does this mean

  25. On my MacBook when I bring up Facetime, I can see my image but cannot see the list of names and numbers so that I can call out. Thus, I cannot even answer an incoming call. Ideas?

  26. I just tried to make a Facetime call to my daughter. Her contact was selected in my contacts. I tapped facetime and someone at a different number answered with facetime.
    What can that mean? the numbers aren’t even close.

  27. On my device when I press the Facetime app it goes straight to a facetime login thing but when i try to log in it doesnt even let me type. Im confused pls respond.

  28. My problem is different. FaceTime works fine for any call, in or out. But I can’t add a name, or number, and all the calls remain on my list. I can’t remove any of them. When I try to add a number (or name) trying either choice produces nothing. How to correct this?

  29. My problem is that I face time someone then I am just talking to them on face time while I am playing a game or using snaochat or instagram or just using a different application and then I press the sleep/off button and the face time automatically ends

  30. A FaceTime call came up on my iPad and was “answered on other device”. However, I didn’t make the call in the first place. How did this happen?

  31. In the middle of a FaceTime call with my daughter, the video remainedfine, but suddenly neither of us could hear what the other was saying. I tested my iPhone by FaceTiming with someone else, and the audio was fine. How do we troubleshoot the problem with my daughter’s iPad or FaceTime? She already tried turning the device off and on again, to no avail. And “Sounds” is set to “on”, and the volume is up high? How can I troubleshoot this?

    1. depends on what ipad it is usually for me i just spam the sound button and slide the volume bar like crazy then i exit the ‘tab’ of the app im calling with then it works. I have an ipad 3 (pretty old). and my repy might sound crazy but it works for me.

  32. I am having a problem on my MAC with Facetime not allowing me to see the other person during a video call. They can see me and hear me just fine. I can see only myself and hear them clearly…just no video connection. All the setting are set just fine. Why am I not able to receive a video connection now with anyone. Any suggestions are deeply appreciated. Thank You

  33. I have a question. When I am using Facetime (e.g. chatting with a friend) and I want to check something on the internet, the connection is maintained but I can’t open the Facetime screen any longer. So I only can hear my friend but there is no screen to see him. I have tried so many things but I don’t know how to solve this. I hope you can help. Thanks a lot!

    1. I didn’t have any of these mines kind of wierd… it was like someone was watching me. Even when I wasn’t on face time a black screen was always there and i could never hang up on it or go full screen I don’t my know if I’m being dramatic .or someone was hacking me and actually watching me. then all of a sudden my iPad just restarted and it was gone for now…

      1. Me too no one is watching you it’s just a glitch or something and whenever you try to go on a app it still has it there and like Snapchat or TikTok whenever you’re on it your screen goes black I don’t know what to do about it either you’re not alone

      2. I honestly think I figured it out when you turn off your camera or tell the other person to turn off the camera on the FaceTime stop

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