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  1. Apple TV 2 and same problem but only with Apple TV movies. HD on every other (Netflix, HBO, Youtube, Viasat,) works good using Airplay.
    All updates, HDMI test, etc done.
    Any ideas how to fix it?
    I use new 12 Pro Max and Mackbook 13″ M1.
    How to secure iTunes share if not able to find software for it?

  2. I’ve had the same problem for some time now, when using Air-Play from either my iPhone 7 or iPad Air 2.

  3. never had this “error ” problem till maybe mid March of 2020 on my Gen3.
    The only thing that comes to mind, Apple or Youtube did some updates and certain videos are being effected on Gen3 players. If this is the case I hope Apple or Youtube can fix this

  4. Maybe apple is running a social experiment. See if they can get people to go crazy without music during these difficult times. I am experiencing exactly the same problem with my older apple tv.

  5. Same here. Apple TV gen 3. Airplay’s Youtube from my phone just fine. The Apple TV app for youtube is the issue. After reset it will play 1 commercial and then pop up with “error loading content. Try again” message. I think I’ve reached the end of the road with this Apple TV model. Youtube must’ve updated the app and this model is too old to update to that version. Just my guess.

  6. Same problem here. Some youtube music contents does not work on appletv youtube. They work on pc, andriod or airplay. I guess Covid-19 has impacted google/apple relationship/competition!

  7. Same here,
    I used to listen music on my Apple Tv 3gen but since last week I can’t no more. I’ve tried everything posted here but no effect. I guess it’s a bug from the last update and I hope this can be fixed soon.

  8. The same in my case – from week or so ago some of all music videos on my Apple TV 3 are “blocked” from loading. I applied all possible tips & hints found on the internet, but my time was lost for nothing… apparently there is some Apple servers bug or something is going on by purpose 🙁 Very annoing and dissapointing as for Apple quality…

  9. Same here. Music videos on youtube only. The same videos that played perfectly a week ago fail to play now. No issues with other content.

  10. During the middle of my playing a list of music videos the error message about content error began and I have not fixed it yet. Won’t resolve after restart of Apple TV, restart router, tether via Ethernet, updating software, clearing cache. Ect. However the YouTube app on my x-box and apple 4K will play music videos streamed. The issue appears to be with older Apple TV models. Looks like Apple TV app fails to properly support streaming content now for some reason.

  11. Up until very recently had no problems with the YouTube app. Listen to music nearly every single day. Within the last few days started getting an error message and no videos will play. All other apps work perfectly fine. Have done a software update and everything else that is suggested and it still doesn’t work. So frustrated.

  12. Did all this and it worked just to played an ad perfectly and then went back to having a problem. My guess is Apple TV is doing this on purpose now

  13. I keep trying to listen to music on youtube and a message saying “An error occurred loading this content, Try again later” just keeps coming up. But it only does this with music. I literally tried everything and still not working.

    1. Exactly the same issue for me. Only with music videos.

      Cannot be an internet connection/speed/modem issue. Must be a new ‘feature’ at the Apple servers. Are they launching a new music service?

  14. Hi I need help with my youtube app on my apple tv. for some reason there are some videos that keep on having this error and I have tried everything to make it work, I restart my device, I clear the cookies, I restart my router I even reset everything, It just not seem to be working. The error that I am getting is An error occurred loading this content and I can’t even watch the movies that I brought. so what else should I do to get rid of this problem.

  15. This started with me as well. Earlier it was fine, i could airplay the videos but since last week it started giving me this error.
    I have tried everything but did not resolve the issue.

  16. See this issue with attempt to mirror ipad playing apple tv+. Get the content message
    Anyone figure out a permanent fix?

  17. trying to load a paper view on espn and we paid for it to watch it on an apple tv and it keeps saying “error loading content” and we’ve done everything unplugging routers and everything but nothing seems to work. sucks knowing you paid $60 for a paperview and can’t even watch it but it works on our phones tho!

    1. We are having the same issue. Just started happening when we started streaming through Apple TV and cut the cord with our tv provider. Sometimes more than a couple times a day. We bought another apple tv just to make sure the first one we bought was not a dud. Same thing is happening. totally resets our Panasonic TV and takes a while for it to boot back up again. So irritating.

      1. On my smart TV my YouTube account is working great, when I trying to use my Apple TV and playing the same program and other show it keep saying error loading please try again, even I try unplug reset and try to many different ways is still saying error.

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