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    1. Hi Scott, I’m on Catalina 10.15.6, current version. My Facetime had the field and unchecked it. It was similar to as pictured above in its own section around the middle of the options. My FaceTime version is 5.0 (3080). Hope this helps!

  1. I have both of these options (on my phone and mac) unchecked, yet every time my phone rings it STILL comes through on my mac. Is there something else I’m maybe missing?

      1. Same! I even tried connecting to two different networks, changing the ringtone in FaceTime, and unchecking my phone number from FaceTime.

    1. If you click on FaceTime on your MAC, One of the options is Turn FaceTime off. This will stop the MAC ringing. Hope this helps

  2. OK I have two phones I turned the FT off for the phone that I do not want to use on my iMac and that works. On that phone I have “Other Devises” not enabled yet the iMac still rings when I the phone rings.

  3. OK this prevent from receiving calls on your Mac. But I would like to continue receiving calls, but just not having my computer ringing…

    1. System Preferences, Notifications, FaceTime, uncheck “Play sound for notifications”.

      Your iMac will continue receiving calls without the sound of a ringer.

  4. This is just another example of how Apple’s software QA has hit an all-time low and is showing few signs of improving. This is what used to be called a killer app, for people that use a Mac for work. The concepts all sound great but Apple have delivered a subsystem that treads a narrow line between being a productivity boon and a threat to making or managing calls through your Mac and iPhone. There are times when it is just so unreliable I have to revert to my headset connecting directly to my iPhone, via BlueTooth. Also, the immovable object, that is the call status window will start to annoy the hell out of you, especially if you have to provide remote support to clients and have to start juggling/resizing windows to get to stuff that’s stuck behind it. This window used to be movable but some bright spark at Apple decided that it needed to be stuck in place. I challenge anybody to explain why this is a good idea! It’s no wonder so many people just want to turn it off!

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