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  1. When my iPhone was stuck on Facetime call ending and could no open Settings, I used TunesKit iOS System Recovery to fix the issue. hhh

  2. This happened to me and I could not shut the phone down by cold or hard reset . It was unusual for the person calling me to FaceTime so I didn’t answer . Then I accidentally called them back and it froze on end with weird numbers scrolling past . I finally remembered that you could shut down phone in settings . I freaked out for an hour thinking that I had been hacked

  3. I kept fiddling with it and “paused” came up. I hit that twice and a red X appeared. Hitting that finally shut down the call. Jinny

  4. Ehh.. but when the iPhone is unresponsive, I can’t open settings nor any other app. The side-button doesn’t work either. =P

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