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  1. I have this problem too. Two of my kids have newer iPhone SEs. One of my kids has an older iPhone 6S. We also have some older iPads (3 minis and an Air). All of these can connect to my hidden network automatically and stay connected no problem. My wife has an iPhone SE and so do I. Our iPhone SEs are a little older than my kids’ SEs but newer than my son’s 6S and all the ipads. They will connect if I put in the password, but they drop it randomly and refuse to automatically connect to it. I have just tried every step in this article. No change. All our phones’ wifi settings seem to match the kids’ settings. Interestingly, the phones that work automatically say “hidden network” in tiny letters under the network name. The iPhones that don’t work automatically don’t say that. Neither do the older iPads, which do work. Don’t know if that matters or not. We all have latest iOS update. Have tried for over a year to fix this. No luck. Ideas?

  2. For my iPad with Version: 9.3.5.(13G36) and Model: MC979c/A, I can be connected on some Wireless and other are invisible. When I try it manually, i get massage says that Could not find network “Name of Network”.
    How can I find all network, especially those invisible ones?

  3. For my iPad with Version: 9.3.5.(13G36) and Model: MC979c/A, I can be connected only on Phone Wireless and other still hidden.
    How can I find all network, especially those hidden.

  4. Shame the issue is, if you have a hide WIFI network, without any password security, Iphone cant connect to that hide and free SSID. I know the HIDE WIFI SSID, and is a free WIFI Broadcast, so i dont use any password to connect to the WIFI. I tried with some friends IPhones and anybody cant connect.

  5. Is necessary enter the correct SECURITY TYPE,
    I entered the name SSID , SECURITY TYPE and the password. and it’s working. It’s automatically connect to the network

    1. This is the correct answer.
      I made sure the correct security type is selected, when trying to connect to the hidden network. After that, I get automatically connected.

  6. Mine works perfectly at home and never at work until I try and join, get the unable to join message and then it joins! So frustrating

  7. Wifi off/on or airplane mode off/on doesn’t work
    Can’t understand why router has to update for IOS issue, android devices do not have any issue connecting.
    It’s better to type wifi password rather than restart every time , if at all restart works

    Expect apple fix this bug asap

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