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  1. I saw when I needed VPN i downloaded and I needed money and thought it was a scam so I deleted the app and i feel smart for doing that. Tysm 🙂

  2. I was on a wallpaper site where I was about to download a wallpaper, and when i clicked it said “A hacker has tracked you” and stuff like that. So I got a panic attack and iI visited “F-secure” and searched if that Anti-virus program is safe and it was. I downloadet it and then I visited this site. Now I am updating the Software on the phone and emptyed the Safari history.

  3. this gave me a friggin panic attack i hate this so i downloaded the app and it wanted me to pay so i looked it up on youtube its fish for money got rid of the app closed safari reset my phone and changed my password its so stupid because i used to play that app all the time left a 1 star

  4. Excellent information. Got a “Trojan” message and what looked like an “Apple” warning directing me to the App Store. Followed your instructions and problem solved.

    1. That’s kind of what happened to me. I let my daughter use my phone to look stuff up for school and the found a thing saying that there are 8 viruses and it’s 76% effected and if it gets worse something will happen to the phone in like 1-2 minutes and it’s been freaking us out for the past three months but when I look it up nobody has had the same problem and they all say it’s “real”

  5. i got this notification about 30 mins ago. i pressed the ‘OK’ pop up notification, but unlike others, as far as i can remember it didn’t redirect me to app store. it left me with thhe ‘install & remove malware’ button. after i read this, i restarted my phone and then delete all apps that i’ve been using since 2 days ago ( cause i thought that’s the reason why my phone got viruses ) and then i went to settings and clear my safari history, cleared all background apps and restarted it again. am i good? please reply 🙏😔.

  6. Thanks so much for your advice- this came up on my iphone and I did not know what to do so I followed your instructions and the scary situation was resolved! Erica

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