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  1. Just follow #5 instructions, it totally worked!!!

    5. Uninstall and reinstall

    Removing the app and then re-downloading may fix your problem. Please follow the steps below:

    On your Apple Watch, remove the app:
    Press the Digital Crown and go to the Home screen.
    Find the Messenger app.
    Tap and hold on the app icon until it jiggles and you will see an X icon appear in the upper-left corner of the Messenger app. Tap the X icon to remove it.
    Now delete Messenger on your iPhone.
    On your iPhone, find the Messenger app.
    Touch and hold the app. A drow down menu will appear.
    Tap Delete App.
    Now turn off automatic app install. Please follow the steps below:
    On your iPhone, open the Watch app.
    Tap My Watch.
    Tap General and turn off Automatic App Install.
    Now download and install the Messenger app on your iPhone. Open the App Store and install it.
    Then download and install the Messenger app on your Apple Watch. Since we turned off Automatic App Install, you will have to download it via the Apple Watch App Store. On your watch, open the App Store. You can search by using Dictation. Then download the app.
    Now open the Messenger app on your watch. Your watch will say “log in from the paired iPhone.” On your iPhone, open Messenger, enter your username and password, and log in.
    Wait 30 seconds. Then test to see if your problem is resolved.

  2. Just adding an updated complaint. Not matter what I have done, no matter what steps I take, the app only works for at most a day before I get the dreaded “log in from paired iPhone” message on the watch.

  3. the last step, unistalling and reinstalling the app on both devices was the one that worked for me, thanks

  4. I try to that trick it works but on the next day it went back again in Log in from the paired iPhone . Tried and tried the tricks doesn’t work anymore .

  5. Two weeks, two Apple updates and a messenger update and still no fix. The delete app, re install and login method is a temporary fix, until you click on a notification or close the app.
    Facebook have not acknowledged the issue despite it being Very known !

  6. I have followed all these instructions and nothing has worked. I still have the same message. I can receive messages and reply to them instantly but when I open Messenger in it’s own right on my Apple watch the message remains.

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