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  1. Man it’s ridiculous how many spam risk and fraud risk that were blocked by AT&T call protect (literally hundreds and hundreds) from ever leaving a voicemail. Most of them were the same numbers calling dozens and dozens of times in the same minute 😂. But if course I spammed them back while hiding number.

  2. Kept getting calls labeled ‘spam risk’. Ignored them for weeks. Found out some were calls about job interviews! Many were job temp agencies. Beware of this imperfect tech. Temp agencies are probably put on the list by shitty AI because they have to call people so often about jobs and the AI doesn’t discern this from a true spammer.

  3. Yesterday while trying to solve a DirectTV problem ( owned by AT&T) the Chat person said I would receive a call from an AT&T tech. When the phone rang it said SPAM so I almost did not answer. The Chat person ( on my computer) said it was my call. It was . Weird that coming from my carrier it would say SPAM (?)

  4. I do not think the IRS makes personal calls to private citizens. Never send money to anyone asking from your phone unless you verify their validly. Who knows? With this new president anything is possible and they have to pay for all those people coming into the US some way.

  5. 4702434985 call came into my cell phone today stating they were an officer calling from the IRS and I had to pay 199.00 to have my number removed from their call list.

    1. +1 (844) 705-0025 called me today at 10:27 A.M, while I at school. I didn’t reply, so on my break, I decided to search up about the ‘Spam Risk’ and see what it means, good thing I was smart enough not to answer the call.

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