How to Use Apple Cash with Apple Pay

iPhone users may wonder if they can “charge” their Apple Cash to pay for things with Apple Pay. Further, they may wonder how to set up their Apple Pay to use their Apple Cash. In this article, we will explain how the two work together to send money via Messages, or to make purchases online … Read more

Apple Pay: Verify Contact Information Error Fix

You may be asked to verify your contact information when you want to use Apple Pay. More specifically, when you want to make a purchase using Apple Pay, a message saying, “Verify Contact Information,” may appear that prevents the payment confirmation. Apple Pay won’t work for you until you fix this problem. You can use … Read more

Apple Pay Not Working on Apple Watch, Fix

Some users have said that Apple Pay is not working properly on the Apple Watch. Some users have said that the “Hold Near Reader” message does not appear when they hold their Apple Watch within a few centimeters of the contactless card reader. You can use Apple Pay to pay for a purchase in stores … Read more

How to Use Apple Pay at ATMs

ATMs offer a convenient way to access your funds. An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a banking machine that allows you to perform basic money transactions. However, you may need your physical debit or credit card and a personal identification number to use an ATM. Recently, some major banks have begun offering card-free ATM access … Read more

How to Transfer Apple Cash to your Bank

Apple Cash is primarily used as a way to send and receive money via the Messages app. If you have money in Apple Cash, you may be wondering how to put that money in your bank account. Although Apple Cash can be used to pay for things through Apple Pay, and it can be used … Read more