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  1. This happened to me. What I did to fix it was go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Turned off the “Apple Cash” bar at the very top to remove the Apple Cash card > Turned the “Apple Cash” bar back on to set up my Apple Card again. Then it worked.

  2. Had this problem and tried everything…turned out it was because my “Touch ID” finger print detector had failed. Just had to go into settings and turn off Touch ID (use code instead), then could download and purchase from App Store. The reason my Touch ID doesn’t work is because the screen broke once and I replaced the touch screen and glass. Guessing a lot of people have this problem if they broke their glass before…

    1. True, if the new screen was not replaced correctly, may cause issues. This is same with Face ID too.

      1. I don’t have Face ID or touch on my iPhone anymore and this keeps happening
        Is there anything else I can do to download an app

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