Calendar Keeps Freezing or Crashing on iPhone

Sometimes you may experience that Apple’s Calendar app on your iPhone is crashing, freezing or unexpectedly restarting. It can be really annoying when you’re using, or trying to use, Calendar and it suddenly freezes or crashes and you are sent back to your Home screen. This problem is not uncommon. But thankfully there are a … Read more

Calendar Search not Working on Mac, Fix

Some Mac users have said that Calendar search results don’t appear as expected. Users have said that they see a “No Results” message when they want to search their calendar to find past and future events. Some other users have said that they see a blank screen when they open Calendar search on their Mac. … Read more

How to Add or Delete Calendars on Mac

You can add calendars to the Apple Calendar app and use a different calendar for work, school, social, etc. The Calendar app allows you to view multiple calendars at once; the events of each calendar are shown in that calendar’s color. This is a nice way to visually discern what types of events you have … Read more

Calendar Shows Wrong Week, Day, or Date

Occasionally while using your Mac, iPhone, or iPad you may notice that the Calendar app shows the wrong information. You may notice several unexpected Calendar behaviors, for example, you may see wrong week numbers, different time zones, or wrong day and date. To give a more specific example, you may see your calendar weeks one … Read more

How To Create a Family Calendar

With iCloud, you can easily create a family calendar. Anyone in your family can use this shared calendar to add events, activities, and appointments that the whole family can see. This article explains how you can set up and use a family calendar with iCloud. This process involves setting up Family Sharing. When you set … Read more

How To Stop iCloud Calendar Spam

This article explains how you can stop the iCloud calendar spam issue that you may experience on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Do you get junk invitations, like invitations to buy various products? Calendar spam is unsolicited messages sent in bulk. They can be very annoying. Do not worry. You are not alone. It appears that … Read more