[Contact] Has Notifications Silenced in Messages

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iMessage Says Activation Unsuccessful, How to Fix

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iMessage Not Working on Big Sur

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iMessage Read Receipts, How To Enable Or Disable On iPhone, iPad, and Mac

A read receipt confirms that your iMessage was opened. There may be scenarios where you may not want to send read receipts. There are two gray/blue status messages that will appear under each iMessage you send: Delivered. This means that the message was successfully delivered to your recipient’s phone. Read. The recipient has opened (presumably … Read more

Could Not Sign In To iMessage or FaceTime on Mac, Fix

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iMessage Not Working? How to Fix

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What is iMessage? How Does It Work?

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#images Not Working, Fix

Several users have said that they were unable to send GIFs and images using #images in the Messages app on the iPhone or the iPad. They have said that they received the following message: “Could Not Share Image. The internet connection appears to be offline”. See the screenshot below: Your iPhone or iPad includes a … Read more