Mail Cannot Save Information About Your Mailboxes Because There Isn’t Enough Space In Your Home Folder

Several users have said that they could not open Mail on their Mac devices. Furthermore, when they attempt to open the Mail app, they receive the following error message: Mail cannot save information about your mailboxes because there isn’t enough space in your home folder. Quit Mail and delete any files you don’t need. Then … Read more

Mail: Hand Icon, What Does It Mean?

You may see a hand icon on your email messages. This hand icon may appear in the iOS and macOS Mail app. This article explains what the hand icon means that you may see on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. See also: iOS Mail: No Sender & No Subject Bug, Fix The hand icon may … Read more

iOS Mail: No Sender & No Subject Bug, Fix

Several iOS users have reported that the Mail app on iPhone or iPad displays mysterious “ghost” messages with “no sender”, “no subject” and “this message has no content”. Some users have stated that they started to experience this issue after updating to the latest version of iOS. And it has been reported that these mail … Read more

Mail App Keeps Crashing & Won’t Open; Fix

Several users have reported that the Mail app on iPhone (or iPad) will not open. More specifically, when some users attempt to open the Mail app to check their email messages, immediately after it launches, it quits. Some users say they see blank screen before it crashes. Are you having this problem too? Are you … Read more

How To Open Winmail.dat Attachments (Mac OS X)?

Did you receive an email that included an attachment with “winmail.dat” in the name. This may happen if the email message was sent to you by someone using a incorrectly configured Microsoft email app like Outlook. Incorrectly configured Microsofts Outlook e-mail app may send e-mails in the “Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format” (TNEF), named “winmail.dat”. This occurred because the … Read more