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  1. I have this issue since June. I have been battling with Apple top engineers but done everything you have suggested and more. Nothing works. It fixes it for about 10 days and it comes back. I have addressed this with my provider as this started in June after one month of a new modem and NBN being connected thinking maybe the router causing an issue but they say all ok. I am going crazy over this. Only happens when I am at home on WI-FI to my ipad, iphone and on occasions my husbands only. My desktop on ethernet is fine with hotmail just ios devices. No other ios devices that visits my home on a regular basis using my wifi has this issue.

    1. *this. like me, you’re probably with Aussie Broadband. I even had to provide their support with the solution. Which works for a month or two… and then it is back again. 🙁

  2. You are amazing! Tried so many sites with supposed remedies after 2 hours on phone with ISP who insisted all was fine. So frustrating.

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