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  1. Seems there are issues around this as I have then same right now Aug 2023-I see there have been no replies on this thread two wondered if it was resolved and if so, how?

  2. Hi, although Mail is working fine on my iPhone and iPad, it has suddenly stopped working on my (2020) iMac. When I open “Accounts” under “Server Settings” it lists iCloud IMAP but for “Outgoing Mail Account” it says “iCloud (offline)” and under “Account Information” the status is Offline. I have tried “Take All Accounts Online” via the Mailbox tab to no effect. What happened previously was that a message I composed failed to send, remaining in the Outbox, and then kept popping back up but again failing to send. I quit Mail but the problem came back and I can neither send nor receive using Mail on my iMac. When I opened Mail Connection Doctor the “Details” message was that login to IMAP file d”Verify that the username and password are correct.” How exactly do I verify they’re correct? And if I changed my Apple ID password recently (which I did) why would this impact on Mail on my iMac but not on my iPad or iPhone? Any help much appreciated!

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