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  1. Hi, although Mail is working fine on my iPhone and iPad, it has suddenly stopped working on my (2020) iMac. When I open “Accounts” under “Server Settings” it lists iCloud IMAP but for “Outgoing Mail Account” it says “iCloud (offline)” and under “Account Information” the status is Offline. I have tried “Take All Accounts Online” via the Mailbox tab to no effect. What happened previously was that a message I composed failed to send, remaining in the Outbox, and then kept popping back up but again failing to send. I quit Mail but the problem came back and I can neither send nor receive using Mail on my iMac. When I opened Mail Connection Doctor the “Details” message was that login to IMAP file d”Verify that the username and password are correct.” How exactly do I verify they’re correct? And if I changed my Apple ID password recently (which I did) why would this impact on Mail on my iMac but not on my iPad or iPhone? Any help much appreciated!

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