How to Reduce PDF Size on your Mac

This article explains how you can reduce the size of a PDF file on your Mac. You may want to compress your PDF files to reduce their size because compressing will save you storage space, and this can be essential for you because, for example, many government entities have a maximum size limit for filed … Read more

How to Combine PDF Files into a PDF on Mac for Free

Combine PDFs

You can combine multiple PDF files on your Mac. You don’t need to buy or download Adobe Acrobat or any other third-party app to do this. In this article, we explain how you can merge multiple PDF documents together using the built-in Preview app that comes with your computer. In the Preview app, you can … Read more

How to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac

This short article teaches how you can convert a PDF document to a JPG file using Automator on your Mac. You will find this article especially useful if you want frequently to convert PDF files to JPGs. On your Mac, Automator offers fast and efficient PDF to image conversion. By following the steps below, you … Read more

How To Set Default Application For PDFs In macOS

This article explains how you can set different applications to open PDF files on your Mac. Your Mac has a built-in PDF reader to open and render all of your PDFs on your Mac. This default application is called Preview. Following the instructions below, you can easily set your preferred application (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) … Read more

Can’t Open PDF On iPhone Or iPad, Fix

Several iOS and iPadOS users have reported they are unable to open and view PDF files on the iPhone or iPad. For example, users have said that they could not open PDF attachments in Mail when they try to open them. Your iPhone or iPad is designed to open PDF files automatically. You do not … Read more