Turn 4G or LTE Off On iPhone

This short tutorial explains how you can disable 4G or LTE on your iPhone. You may want to disable higher cellular speeds for various reasons. For instance: 1-Using LTE may decrease battery life. 2-Higher cellular speeds may cause data overage as a recent survey found that people with 4G LTE phones are likely to use twice as much data as … Read more

Change Mac Screenshot Locations

I take a lot of screenshots while I use my Mac. You can see some of them here. Most of my articles include my screenshots. By default, the screenshots you take are saved on your desktop as .png files. You can easily take a screenshot without the need to download/install any third party software. There are a … Read more

How To Repeat Songs In The Music App

So you have a favorite song and you want to play this song over and over again. Songs or albums can be set to repeat. This is very easy, however, a lot of users are having trouble finding the Repeat (and Shuffle) buttons in the iOS Music app. So where are these buttons? They are slightly hidden. … Read more

How To Sign In To iCloud.com From Your iPad Or iPhone

iCloud allows users to store /share data (such as music, photos, mail etc). You can access the data you have stored in iCloud by signing in to the iCloud.com website from a computer web browser, Windows or Mac. Because web access to iCloud.com requires a desktop web browser. However, when you try to sing in to the iCloud.com web site from your … Read more